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Trek the High Country

Why do we love riding in the High Country? This is why …

High Country behind Hanmer Springs


There is a huge amount of High Country land behind Hanmer Springs – and there is easy road and riding access from the village. Wheras Hanmer Springs village is at about 330 metres above sea level, the High Country is around 800 metres. That means a different set of riding skills and the need to be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions – and snow. Also, there is no mobile phone reception once you get beyond Jacks Pass (the road and top of our Jacks Pass Pack Track which avoids riding on the road).

This section of our website has important information about High Country Trekking Safety. Please read it carefully, particularly if this sort of riding is new to you. We also have a detailed Trekking Gear List, developed from experience.

So what possibilities do we have to ride?


St James Conservation Area

There are many rides and treks in the St James Conservation Area, from ½ day to 6 day rides.

Start here for information St James Conservation Area, then follow the links to more detailed information describing the rides, the huts and paddocks and how to get to the area with your horse.


Molesworth Station

This is an enormous area behind Hanmer Springs but is still relatively undeveloped for horse access. See the page Molesworth Station for more information.


We do not have horses to hire or lead commercial treks. There are some people who do in nearby areas and there are an increasing number of stations offerring guided riding experiences.

But if you need local advice on your ride or want to connect with us as your come through the area, see the contact details on About us.

We hope your hearts sing like ours do when we ride in the High Country.

View from Stanleyvale hut in autumn (courtesy Carl Thompson)