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Maps, Routes, Lists

This page has a collection of all the maps, routes and lists on the site, in one place for easy downloading.

The files are saved using Adobe Acrobat. A free Adobe Acrobat Reader, tailored to your operating system, is available here.


Hanmer Heritage Forest map: Click here.

Hanmer Springs and Hanmer Basin: NZTopo centred on Hanmer Springs. Click here

St James Conservation Area: see map NZTopo 50-BT4 Ada Flat. Click here.

[Our own maps showing routes are still under construction]

Route Descriptions

Hanmer Springs Forest and Hanmer Basin rides: Hanmer Springs – Forests and Hanmer Basin Routes vF February 2017

St James Conservation Area – Huts, Paddocks and Getting There: St James Conservation Area – Huts, Paddocks, Getting There vF February 2020

St James Conservation Area – Routes:St James Conservation Area – Routes vF4 December 2018

Other North Canterbury routes near Hanmer Springs: North Canterbury Trekking Routes vF1 August 2019


Trekking Gear List: Trekking Gear List vF February 2017