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Ride Hanmer Springs

Fill up a weekend or a week riding in and around Hanmer Springs. From forests and farmland to our (planned) Cowboy Challenge course, beginners cross country course and horse labyrinth. Have a brief taste of riding in the High Country behind us on a day ride. Or use our 20m x 40m sand arena, cavaletti and jumps.

Stay in our hospitality paddock. Soak your body in the pools and visit one of our many cafes and bars.

Do you want a guide to show you the tracks?  Contact us via our Facebook page

Aerial view of Hanmer Springs and the Hanmer Heritage Forest. Jacks Pass, the route to the HIgh Country, is on the left behind the village.

Hanmer Heritage Forest and Woodlands Reserve

Recreational horse riding in the Hanmer Forest is a tradition that dates back over 100 years.  The first tracks were developed by the State Forest Service in what was then the Hanmer State Forest. These days most of the forest is privately owned and public access is available through the goodwill of Ngāi Tahu and Rayonier|Mataraki Forests although there are important track links through neighbouring DOC and Council lands.

All our tracks are signposted as ‘Bridle path’ with a horse logo.  Most of these are dedicated horse tracks but a few have shared use and you may encounter walkers and mountain bikers.  Tracks may be closed at times due to high winds, fire risk or for forestry operations.

For more, with descriptions of each track and the planned horse skills park, read Riding the Forests.

Roads and tracks around the Hanmer Basin

We have developed a number of new trails around the village in the Hanmer Springs basin. The vision is to create a ring roud (our own “M25”) around the village. We have been working on tracks that link existing rides and our arena. And there’s more to come.

Accomodation for you and your horse – and things to do in Hanmer

Hanmer is a well developed village for vistors. That means not only great après-saddle activities but also activities for family members who don’t ride.

Janine McDonald in Hanmer Springs during her South Island trek

You can ride anywhere in the village – but please avoid the paths for walkers as shown in the photo above. And if your horse poos, please come back later and clean up. It is good for our relationships with residents in the village and the many visitors to the village.

Skills Park

We have developed a skills park so that you and your horse can upgrade your skills for back country riding. The Skills Park is alongside the Chatterton River, on the west side of Hanmer Springs. There is a track from Rippingale Road and down Mount Captain Lane, or you can reach it along the Chatterton River route. Members of the club should make an appointment by contacting either Julie Wardle or Jan Weaver.  Club contact details.

Obstacle Training at the Skills Park

For members, we provide a personal training service. We will cover how to introduce and approach obstacles that will help with back country riding as well as Trail/ Cowboy Challenge and Working Equitation (WE).

Please make a date and time for a session with Julie Wardle by text or phone 027 414 9470.

Courses and workshops using our Lucas Lane Arena

The club has a 20m x 40m sand arena, cavaletti and jumps. From time to time we have people coming to Hanmer to teach.

McCoy in the Lucas Lane Arena during a clinic with Kate Tapley