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About us

We are a group of social riders based in the Hanmer Springs area.  Our group formed in 2009, mainly to represent recreational horse riders in the management of the Hanmer Recreational Track Network.

The purpose of our club is to promote safe and responsible recreational horse riding in the Hanmer Springs area. We also:

  • advocate for recreational horse riding at local, regional and national levels as appropriate and seek formal affiliation and/or representation on relevant organisations;
  • liaise with landowners, agencies and other key stakeholders to improve access and infrastructure for recreational horse riding;
  • collaborate with other user groups in the planning and management of recreational opportunities within the Hanmer Forest;
  • encourage sound environmental practices for wilderness riding and support conservation initiatives in these areas;
  • promote the Hanmer Springs area as a horse riding destination;
  • provide a point of contact and local information resource for horse riders from outside the area;
  • and do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

Club pre-Christmas ride, Isolated Hill, near St James Homestead, 2016

If you’re a visitor to Hanmer Springs, we can advise you on the best riding tracks, local conditions and resources for you and your own horse. For more information, contact one of the people below.

Current committee 2020/21 contacts:

You can also message us through our Facebook page.  The Facebook page is a noticeboard for club activities as well as a place for people to post rides they are happy to lead others on.

Membership of the club is open to all interested riders, including those not resident in Hanmer Springs.

Please note that we do not have horses for hire.

Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is a small village on South Island, New Zealand. We are in a valley of farmland and forests, ringed by mountains, blessed with crisp alpine air and with easy access to the tussocked High Country just behind the village.